Vein Master’s class

| 10:30
תמונת נושא עבור Vein Master’s class

They met more than a decade ago in Basel, Switzerland, the twin brothers, Michael and Florian Arbenz, piano and drums, and bassist Thomas Lähns. They all attended the City of Basel Music Academy, classical music students who dived into jazz and immediately began to swim freely. The Guardian describes them as, “One of Europe’s most exciting ensembles”, and Michael Arbenz attests, “Our identity is as European jazz musicians, but like Bobo Stenson, for us that involves regular interaction with the best American performers”. They release a new album almost every year and foster long-standing collaborations with star solo wind instrument musicians, always a welcome addition for a piano trio, such as trombonist Glenn Ferris and saxophonists Greg Osby, Dave Liebman and Andy Sheppard.

VEIN tours around the world, performing in more than forty countries across four continents with approximately 60 annual scheduled concerts. Today they have established an enthusiastic audience of jazz fans attracted by both, their diversity of styles and top-notch technique and precision, that integrates classical European chamber music with the thrills and energy of a sophisticated and concise jazz improvisation. Although it is usually the pianist at the front of a piano jazz trio, VEIN seeks to achieve equilibrium through interplay, together and in solos. The outcome is an overwhelming sense of unity, surprising and insightful. They also display a great sense of humor, such as in their 2013 release of the album VOTE for VEIN that was a musical election campaign accompanied by a fake election poster and a track titled appropriately, “No We Can’t – Vote For Us Anyway”.

Michael Arbenz Piano
Thomas Lähns Bass
Florian Arbenz Drums

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