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Michael Pipoquinha

Brazilian Prodigy Bassist | Saturday | 16.2 | Isrohall (sport hotel) | 16:30 רכישת כרטיסים
תמונת נושא עבור Michael Pipoquinha

“My idea of a great show is to touch people with my music so they can leave overflowing with joy and a feeling that music heals the soul,” says Brazilian bassist, Michael Pipoquinha, only 22 years old and considered one of the most intriguing leading bass players of his generation. He first became known nine years ago, at age 13, as his homemade bass videos generated a transcontinental buzz across the web. The astonished comments attempted to describe him as a real natural talent, a giant, completely fearless, and allowing the music to speak for itself. On bass forums, some characterized his musical charm as a wonderful crossover between British bassist Janek Gwizdala and the legendary Jaco Pastorius. He began playing at the age of 10, privately tutored at home by his father and grandfather. In an interview with Bass Player magazine, he describes how his initial training on acoustic guitar sparked his passion for the bass. “I always liked harmony and Brazilian grooves both on acoustic and electric guitars,” he says. “I developed my techniques by listening to lots of Baden Powell and other guitar players like Joe Pass and Pat Metheny. That’s helped me on the bass to play both harmony and rhythm at the same time.” He plays the 4, 5, and 6 string electric bass with a guitarist’s proficiency incorporating sophisticated chord melody, harmonic chordal concepts, and thumb-plus-three-finger techniques.

He began performing professionally at an early age to rave reviews and following his participation in a popular Brazilian talent TV show at 13, he was invited to perform in major music festivals in Brazil. During that period, he began recording his first album, singing and playing his own original material. In recent years, he has performed regularly at jazz festivals around the world, and three years ago was invited to participate in the Germany’s Got Talent show where he presented his work alongside the renowned WDR Big Band Cologne. His performance this winter in Eilat includes original materials alongside cover versions of musical pieces by Brazilian composers as well as the Beatles.

His playing style and original arrangements incorporate jazz, world music, and everything that can be learned from the greatest bassists of the century. Like all modern bass players, he assumes the challenge of Pastorius’s legacy noting Jaco’s recording of Havona with Weather Report (1977 album) as one of his most influential pieces. Young Pipoquinha evidently captured the essence of this stand out groove and deep melodic bass line that has inspired generations of musicians. He is now recording his second album, with eight new songs, and is ready to leave a mark on the world music scene that is warming up to him. “That’s my biggest dream: playing my music all over the world,” he says, and indeed his dream seems to be coming true.

Michael Pipoquinha Bass
Douglas Marcolino Accordion
Leonardo Montana  Drums
Adriano DD Drums/ percussion

 Photo by: Rigas Ritmi

Duration of the show: 75 minutes.

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