The Noam David Trio

Jerusalem Ethnic Jazz | Sea Club | Wednesday 30.8 | 20:00 רכישת כרטיסים
תמונת נושא עבור The Noam David Trio

Noam David, one of the most sought after drummers in the Israeli jazz scene, has detected a special link between the Hebrew alphabet and rhythms from which he draws inspiration for his original arrangements and compositions. David is known for his unique musical style, rich with polyrhythmic rhythms that influence many drummers and musicians. His polyrhythmic concepts allow him, for example, to find the cross-pulse rhythmic ratio of 7:4 on 3. He did just that with Four Brothers, a popular Israeli song and a childhood favorite of his, creating a completely new instrumental arrangement, combining his favorite music styles, touches of fierce fusion, and influences of jazz, rock, Latin and world music.

Indeed, David (46) who was born and still lives in Jerusalem, has developed a unique and creative expression. He collaborated with leading Israeli musicians, including Eli Degibri, Avishai Cohen (trumpet), Steve Hornstein, Daniel Zamir and others. Bassist Avishai Cohen, a childhood friend says, “I have known him for thirty years, Noam is one of the first drummers I played with, and he is simply amazing.” David has been performing with the Avishai Cohen’s trio around the world, and Cohen has contributed to his debut album Alef Melody released this last April. This album offers a taste of David’s phenomenal musical abilities and fascinating skills with seven original compositions and arrangements. Ya’ala, a funky Yemenite melody, to the words of Rabbi Israel Najara, was included in the playlist of Israel’s GalGalatz radio. Also accompanying David on this album are pianist, Omri Mor and bassist, Avri Borochov.

When he moves between odd rhythms and virtuosic juggling of the drums, David creates music that on the one hand is simple and harmonious and on the other is rhythmic and challenging. With a creative personality and an original and individual musical style, David is a smart musician, beautifully balancing sound, mind, and the gentle emotions of the heart.

The Noam David Trio
Noam David Drums
Shai Bachar Keyboards, Piano
Avri Borochov Bass

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