תמונת תיאור משלימה ללוגו

NAKED featuring Amir Gwirtzman

From Eastern Europe to the Multi-Cultural Global Universe | Friday | 15.02 | Isrohall (sport hotel) | 14:00 רכישת כרטיסים
תמונת נושא עבור NAKED featuring Amir Gwirtzman

Ideas of freedom, hope and love inspire the Serbian Quartet NAKED, a collaborative ensemble that skillfully combines traditional Balkan sound with jazz. A gypsy violin, saxophone and clarinet converse with the melody accompanied by a tight, upbeat bass and drum section. Together they generate a sense of updated-global-urbanism and accurate synergy by diversity, a natural crossover of swing, funk, trippy psychedelic dub, classical music with flashes of the Mediterranean and African, Eastern European traditions as well as bebop, odd-rhythm and free-jazz.

All About Jazz website calls their music a labor of love, describing the band as a mesmerizing unit and a collective whose musical syntax continues to suggest that there are not several musicians here, but one. Collaborating for over a decade, they have released four albums. Their recent album, released in 2018, features a collaboration with internationally acclaimed world music Israeli vocalist, Tal Ben Ari, aka Tula. Further deepening the Israeli connection, their unique collaborative performance in Eilat’s winter Red Sea Jazz Festival features Israeli wind instrument master, Amir Gwirtzman, a brilliant multi-instrumentalist and a metaphor for our globalized and multicultural world. Gwirtzman appears on stage surrounded by an impressive array of almost every instrument to blow into including – saxophones and clarinets, western transverse flutes as well as the baroque flute, Native American flutes, Scottish Highland bagpipes, Arab ney flute, Irish flute, Armenian duduk, Kurdish zurna, African vuvuzela, Korean piri, Vietnamese flute – and more to exhale. For over a decade, in his solo performances he includes live looping and electronic effects creating a multi-layered one-man orchestra.

This intriguing combination of layered texture together with NAKED enhances the amazing synergy of musical ideas, harmony and groove inspiring a fascinating journey through a land of wonders. DJ Acim who has also collaborated with NAKED fittingly describes it: “There are books and songs where the reader or listener is the main character, and this music story is just like that. In other words, you can understand, or even better, experience Nakedonia only if you believe in it. Once you become the main character, leaving this land becomes impossible.”

Branislav Radojkovic Bass
Djordje Mijuskovic Violin
Goran Milosevic Drums, Percussion
Rastko Uzunovic Clarinet, Saxophone
Guest Artist Amir Gwirtzman Wind Instruments

Photos by: Feliks Voloz

Duration of the show: 75 minutes.

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