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Marco Mezquida

An Orchestra of One Pianist | Thursday 20.2 | Isrotel Theater | 18:30 רכישת כרטיסים
תמונת נושא עבור Marco Mezquida

Pianist and composer Marco Mezquida’s solo piano improvisations have been compared to Keith Jarrett’s performance at the legendary 1975 Köln Concert. The young Spanish musician has received plenty of rave reviews describing him as a genius, a magician, a total musician, a juggler, a magnet, and a talent beyond measure. Only 32 years old, he has already established a prolific career as an acclaimed musician in the European music scene. An equally brilliant composer, pianist, improviser, accompanist and bandleader, Mezquida’s musical world is eclectic and versatile pumped with creativity and seemingly endless resources. His inspiration spans from Schubert and Rachmaninoff to Bill Evans and Carla Bley, letting everyone in to take part in his creation. Surprising junction links are his seal of quality, whether through innovative interpretations and approaches to Ravel, Handel and Chopin or the virtuoso magic of his jazz, flamenco and Latin American music. To date, Mezquida has appeared in countries around the world, from Madrid to Tokyo, Buenos Aires and San Paulo, collaborating with leading musicians such as Lee Konitz and Bill McHenry and contributing to a variety of ensembles including duets, trios, orchestras and dance projects.  Awarded four times as ‘Musician of the Year’ by the Association of Musicians of Jazz and Modern Music of Catalonia, Mezquida gave solo piano concerts at the Palau de la Musica Catalania and the Barcelona Concert Hall, and was invited to perform a series of five concerts at the Barcelona International Jazz Festival. Marco Mezquida solo concert in Eilat represents his creative achievement in its entirety, a virtuoso artist with outstanding attention to detail and the ability of maintaining a continuous form while endeavoring to make sharp turns in a split second. Spanish soprano, Maria Camps, has described him as, “explorer of sounds, creator of atmospheres, multiplier of musical presence, one-man orchestra.”


Marco Mezquida Piano


Photo by: Mireia Miralles

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