תמונת תיאור משלימה ללוגו

Jazz Band Młynarski – Masecki

Historic and Contemporary Polish Jazz | Thursday 14.2 | Isrotel Theater | 23:45 רכישת כרטיסים
תמונת נושא עבור Jazz Band Młynarski – Masecki

JAZZ BAND MŁYNARSKI – MASECKI offers a glimpse into the vibrant Polish jazz scene that blossomed between two world wars. During the 1920s, the post WW1 entertainment boom that swept Poland included a lively music scene with popular hits created for the cinema, theater, cabaret, and revue theatre, a period of prosperity that was abruptly shut down by World War II. Many Jewish musicians were among the composers of that era, including the Gold brothers and Shmuel Freshko, the polish immigrant who composed several Israeli landmark folk songs. This big band is a joint initiative of pianist and composer Marcin Masecki and singer and musician Jan Emil Młynarski. This contemporary and upbeat homage to history is a perfect setting for Masecki who has the panache and versatility to move freely between different worlds, eras, genres and ensembles. He began playing the piano at age seven, completed a degree at the Berklee College when he was twenty, and upon his return to Poland joined numerous diverse music projects, from classical through jazz and avant-garde to pop. With over 20 CD releases, he regularly performs with classical orchestras as a soloist, leads jazz ensembles, composes contemporary music as well as theater and film scores, and produces music festivals and exciting events such as the classical music jam session series. Surpassing any division by genre or historical period, his artistic expression is holistic, insightful, poignant and relevant.

This winter at the Red Sea Jazz Festival, Masecki is invited to give a second performance, a brilliant exploration of the beginning of jazz featuring his piano-drums duo, Masecki / Rogiewicz: Ragtime.

JAZZ BAND MŁYNARSKI – MASECKI performance is a tribute to the interwar era focusing mainly on the work of two leading artists, the distinguished Polish revue singer, Adam Aston, and pianist, arranger and composer, Henryk Wars. Thoughtful and tight with the sousaphone, piano, drums and saxophones, this big band immediately breathes life into old favorite Polish tunes, creating a time tunnel to Warsaw of the 1920s.

Jan Emil Młynarski Vocals, mandolin-banjo
Marcin Masecki Piano, Arrangements, Musical Director
Jerzy Rogiewicz Drums
Piotr Wróbel Sousaphone
Tomasz Duda, Jarosław Bothur, Michał Fetler Saxophones

 Photo by: kobas laksa

Duration of the show: 75 minutes.

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