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Masecki / Rogiewicz: Ragtime

Friday | 15.2 | Isrohall (sport hotel) | 23:45 רכישת כרטיסים
תמונת נושא עבור Masecki / Rogiewicz: Ragtime

Masecki – Rogiewicz: Ragtime is a duet performance featuring Polish pianist and composer Marcin Masecki and drummer Jerzy Rogiewicz who is also a pianist and composer. Their performance highlights late 19th century music that inspired modern jazz and ragtime as well as 1920s stride piano including the music of American jazz pioneers such as James P. Johnson, Fats Waller and Eubie Blake alongside works by acclaimed veteran Polish composers such as Jerzy Petersburski and Henryk Wars who introduced jazz to Poland in the 1920s. Maseckis duo and big band offer an exquisite Polish cultural experience integrating historical genres and eras in an uplifting, coherent, and poignant contemporary performance.

Leading a life between Berlin, Warsaw and Buenos Aires is a bit of a metaphor for the remarkable musical breadth of the Polish pianist, composer, and conductor, Marcin Masecki (36). Born in Warsaw, he began his musical training at the age of three, tutored by his father. When he was seven years old, he took up classical and jazz piano lessons and soon proved to have a special talent for improvisation as well as original interpretation of classical music. During his high-school years, he routinely attended the Wednesday jam sessions at the Akwarium Jazz Club in Warsaw and established his first highly acclaimed Jazz ensemble. At the age of 20, he completed his studies at the Berklee College of Music and upon his return to Poland, continued to perform with his ensemble and joined numerous diverse music projects, from classical through jazz and avant-garde to pop. With over 20 CD releases, he regularly performs with classical orchestras as a soloist, leads jazz ensembles, composes contemporary music as well as theater and film scores, and produces music festivals and exciting events such as the classical music jam session series. Genuinely an original and versatile creative artist, he is able to move freely and gracefully between different worlds, periods, genres and ensembles.

This winter at the Red Sea Jazz Festival, Masecki is invited to give a second performance, a theatrical big band and a wonderful homage to the 1920s-30s Polish music scene featuring JAZZ BAND MŁYNARSKI – MASECKI.

Masecki – Rogiewicz: Ragtime piano and drums duo juggles freely and cleverly with harmony and rhythm to the point of seemingly exchanging roles. Masecki and Rogiewicz represent the fascinating work of contemporary Polish musicians who incorporate history in a comprehensive contemporary creation, looking back to the past while firmly set in the present.

Marchin Masecki Piano
Jerzy Rogiewicz Drums

Photo by: Marcin Pawlukiewicz

Duration of the show: 60 min.

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