Dori Ben-Ze’ev and the Jazz Stories of Meir Ariel

Special Guest: Tamar Eisenman | Red Note | Teusday 29.8 | 20:00 רכישת כרטיסים
תמונת נושא עבור Dori Ben-Ze’ev and the Jazz Stories of Meir Ariel

Dori Ben-Ze’ev’s curriculum vitae is a long and diverse list: singer, actor, songwriter, broadcaster, comedian, dubbing artist and copywriter. He was born 68 years ago in Tel Aviv, to a family of artists, and did everything from radio, television and journalism to cinema, theater, and stand-up. Always original, always brilliant, polished and remarkable. This show is dedicated to Dori’s soft spot, his best and beloved friend, the late Meir Ariel. Ariel, an Israeli born kibbutznik, troubadour style singer-songwriter, who had his own unique expression magnificently juggling the Hebrew language, passed away in 1999, when he was only 57 years old, leaving a multitude of fans stunned and hurting. Despite his untimely demise, his work lives on through the production of various albums, tribute performances, and books.

When Dori and Meir first met in 1971, it was an immediate connection. “We met at my home in Tel Aviv,” Dori recalls, “I immediately sensed the need to be close to him. He hypnotized me. He was my muse, as if finding a source of inspiration. It was not merely the richness of his language but its specific frequency.” It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and mutual respect. In an interview published after his death, Meir is quoted stating: “Dori is a great poet, have you noticed how similar he is to Hayim Nahman Bialik?” Dori presents Ariel’s materials with a fine ensemble of jazz musicians and special guest, Tamar Eisenman, a singer songwriter and a leading voice in the local Indie scene, who creates an interface between rock and jazz. Together they further explore the landscapes of the beloved and well-known songs, from Terminal Luminelt to We’ve Passed Pharaoh – Will pass that too, adding more swing, groove and blues to the legacy of this rooted Hebrew poet. This project adequately benefits from the kaleidoscopic essence of an artist like Dori Ben Ze’ev who had rendered a poetic description of this performance: “Meir Ariel, his poetry, curly hair and mesmerizing presence on stage accompanied by musicians, guests and yours truly, telling the stories and singing the songs. A jazzy kibbutz celebration of friendship and art and Shlal Sharav (Abundance of Heat Wave) at the festival by the Red Sea.”

Dori Ben-Ze’ev and the Jazz Stories of Meir Ariel
Dori Ben-Ze’ev Vocals
Alona Turel Keyboards
Nitzan Ein Habar Saxophone
Yorai Oron Bass
Eitan Itzkovich Drums

Special Guest
Tamar Eisenman Guitar, Vocals

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