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Danny Rosenfeld Octet

A Nocturnal Journey Along 52nd Street | Tuesday | Red Note | 23:00 רכישת כרטיסים
תמונת נושא עבור Danny Rosenfeld Octet

In the 1940s, a short walk of less than a mile down 52nd Street in the heart of Manhattan offered a real-time glimpse into the history of bebop in the making and the development of jazz culture in the United States. This street was the hotspot for jazz with legendary clubs such as the 3 Deuces, Famous Door, The Onyx, Spotlight Club and more forming the beating heart of American jazz at the time.

Eighty years later, on the other side of the Atlantic, jazz artist Danny Rosenfeld brings back to the stage today the almost hidden jazz treasures including rarely recorded arrangements played live by an octet just as they were originally often performed at that extraordinary time.

Israeli-American musician and jazzist, Danny Rosenfeld, trumpeter and drummer, was born in Israel and grew up in Los Angeles, Tel Aviv and New York. While shaping his musical vision in the NYC jazz scene of the 1980s he drew much inspiration from the founding generation of modern jazz. Over the past three decades, Rosenfeld has been playing, teaching and performing in Israel and around the world, while reviving music scores and arrangements that have been almost forgotten and rarely heard these days.

Rosenfeld’s star team includes selected leading Israeli jazz musicians featuring one of the only Octet ensembles in Israel. The replicas produced by Rosenfeld from the raw materials of studio recordings and live performances recreate the authentic feel of the golden age of bebop and the thrilling energy of the swing era. Featuring the best arrangements of that period and works originally played by jazz giants such as Tadd Dameron, Gigi Gryce, Dizzy Gillespie and others, this performance successfully captures the unique authentic sound inviting the audience to a profound and nostalgic experience of the roots of bebop.

Danny Rosenfeld Octet

Danny Rosenfeld Trumpet & Arrangements
Ofer Shapira Alto Saxophone
Yonatan Voltzok Trombone
Kobi Salomon Tenor Saxophone
Alon Farber Baritone Saxophone
Yonatan Riklis Piano
Ram Erez Double Bass
Yonatan Rosen Drums

Photography: Yossi Zwecker

Duration of the show: 60 minutes

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