תמונת תיאור משלימה ללוגו

Chava & Shlomi Vocals and Pianos

Chava and Shlomi | Monday 26.8 | Red Note | 20:30 רכישת כרטיסים
תמונת נושא עבור Chava & Shlomi Vocals and Pianos

The recording of a duet for the opening song of Shlomi Shaban’s recent album, Targil BeHitorerut (Exercise Awakening) had sparked a series of random encounters marking the beginning of a creative dialogue. Free of time limits and obligations, for over three years, they share a musical journey, delving deeper into the abundant repertoire of Israeli leading singer-songwriter, Chava Alberstein, revealing hidden gems, exploring, arranging and “talking music”.

Shlomi’s initial desire to return to the seat of accompanying classical pianist had set off this adventure. “I longed to accompany a singer, an experience I have learned to cherish through classical music,” he says. “I can say that Chava is in many ways the ultimate vocalist and her musical material is exquisite. I wanted to experience this journey through her.” Chava adds that, “On my part, meeting Shlomi is also meeting myself anew, accentuating my theatrical side rather than my Israeli folklore expression.”

With time, a desire to share their work with the world emerged leading to creation of this concert program. Vocals (Chava) and Pianos (Shlomi) duo performance, ranging from classical recital to the theatric/cabaret, is mainly based on Chava Alberstein’s classics alongside less familiar material from her repertoire including songs she always wanted to sing but never recorded and recorded songs she has not yet performed on stage. Shlomi concludes, “I think it is absolutely fantastic to see Chava without the guitar, with her hands free she is completely concentrated on ‘her thing’, singing.”

Chava & Shlomi Vocals and Piano

Chava Alberstein Vocals

Shlomi Shaban Pianos

Photography: Dudi Hasson

Duration of the show: 90 minutes

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