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Aubrey Logan

With a Touch of Cheek | Friday 21.2 | Isrohall (sport hotel) | 21:45 רכישת כרטיסים
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A musical trinity force, Aubrey Logan is both a singer, songwriter, composer and trombonist. With a pinpoint and riveting stage personality, Logan is often described as the “Queen of Sass”. Her vast capabilities are exquisitely distilled to create a singular performance. Outstanding musicality, jaw-dropping vocal ability, and superb trombone playing, featuring a breathtaking series of original pieces alongside original covers of familiar songs. When asked in an interview about what it’s like to be both a singer, a creator and a musician, the 31-year-old Logan said, “It’s the same brain writing the songs, so to me it’s one unit. Now, to an outsider who’s never seen me before, they will come to do the shows and they will hear what I would think is a singer-songwriter or a singer songwriter because I sing real loud sometimes, and then they’ll just see me play the trombone, and they’ll initially think, oh that’s weird, she plays the trombone and sings or that’s unusual or I’ve never seen that before, but then I say you know what, you have seen it before cause you know, everybody knows Louis Armstrong, so yeah you have seen a singer play a brass instrument before and then they kinda go, oh ok.”

A Seattle native, Logan has been on stages since the age of nine and continued to trombone studies at the Berklee College of music. After her graduation, she traveled to Los Angeles to propel her music career. She has collaborated with a variety of artists such as Dave Koz, Casey Abrams, the Boston Pops Orchestra, Pharrell Williams, Josh Groban, Seth MacFarlane and Meghan Trainor, while at the same time gaining great exposure and many followers on the social media for various musical initiatives such as the Postmodern Jukebox project. To date, she has contributed to eight albums as a guest artist and released two solo albums. Her debut, Impossible, was a top 10 album on the iTunes, Billboard and Amazon charts.

Her second album, Where the Sunshine Is Expensive, a courteous homage to her adopted hometown, came #1 on the Contemporary Jazz Billboard Chart. This album is a song of praise for the city that captured her heart, and it features songs about a young artist’s desire to succeed in Los Angeles and become a big star. “I wrote these songs as a love letter to L.A., and I want people to see that through the darkness, the grit, the grime, there is hope,” she says. The album was recorded live at the legendary East West Studios in Hollywood. “I was born in the wrong decade and I should have been a teenager in the 70’s and that’s my favourite music,” Logan explains, “so we recorded it the same way they would have in 1974 and that’s what it’s about.”

The combined musical force of creating, singing and playing her music supports Logan’s determination to forge a career on her own terms, as Downbeat magazine concluded. Expressing genuine sincerity and the ability to juggle jazz, R&B, punk and pop, Logan’s musical stories touch people’s hearts. She can bring her audience to tears just before lifting them back up with a witty comic relief.

Aubrey Logan

Aubrey Logan Trombone, Vocals

Photo by: Xander Photography

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