תמונת תיאור משלימה ללוגו

Assaf Amdursky

Guest Artists: Avishai Cohen (trumpet) and Amos Hoffman | Friday 21.2 | Isrohall (sport hotel) | 13:30 רכישת כרטיסים
תמונת נושא עבור Assaf Amdursky

For the first time at the internationally acclaimed Red Sea Jazz Festival, Assaf Amdursky joins the festivities accompanied by a trio of prominent and brilliant musicians from the sizzling Israeli jazz scene, in a concert including special and new adaptations from his rich repertoire over the years: 15 Dakot (15 Minutes), Bereshit (Genesis / In The Beginning), Roch VeKoshi (Tender and Hard), Kochav (Star), Sadot Tzehubim (Yellow Fields), Cheresh BYevava (Silent Cry) – as well as songs that have influenced Amdursky – Shir LeLo Shem (Song With No Name) by Shalom Hanoch, Balada La’Isha (Ballad to the Woman) by Tirza Atar and Moshe Wilensky, BaBoker (In The Morning) by Yehuda Amichai and Yehudit Ravitz, and Pgisha Le’Ein Ketz (Endless Meeting by Alterman and Amarilio.

Over 30 years of his career, Amdursky remains a high-impact performer and never ceases to amaze and surprise. From culture hall to intimate performances, and an original production accompanied by five cellists on festival stages in electronic music raves. Every performance incorporates fresh adaptations that highlight Amdorsky’s evolution as a creative artist, whether they promote the pulsating youth agenda or foster a longing for some good old Israeli classics.

Assaf Amdursky
Assaf Amdursky Vocals
Uri Kutner Double Bass
Yonatan Daskal Rhodes Piano, Piano
Amir Bresler Drums

Guest Artists:

Avishai Cohen (trumpet), Amos Hoffman

Photo by Michael Topiol

Duration: 90 minutes

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