Angels of Indie Israeli Folk | Isrotel Theater | Friday 23.2 | 23:30 רכישת כרטיסים
תמונת נושא עבור theAngelcy

While wandering through the streets of Europe, playing music alongside gypsies, punkists, reggae singers, hip-hop artists, breakdancers and poets, his usual problem solving line stated in an authoritative tone of an Israeli Mossad agent was: "it's okay, I work for The Angelcy, I am a secret angel." Angelcy is a compound word for angels and agency, and since Rotem Bar-Or, The Angelcy lead singer and co-founder, was able to calm concerned Europeans with this soothing line, it became the best title for the band.

An agency of angels is a fitting description for this sextet established in 2011, which represents the harmony of opposites. On the one hand, they are an agency, perhaps even a travel agency, connected to the earth, roaming the world, exploring plenty of destinations through extended performance tours and ongoing creative expeditions. On the other hand, like angels, they act with a sense of mission, carrying the notion of serving a higher transcendent purpose.

Their genre can be defined as acoustic, alternative and eclectic Indie Folk. Their music is created in a modest room, everyone sitting together in a circle playing, while listening to and observing each other. The orchestration is rich and full of flavors – guitars, double bass, viola, clarinet, flute, melodica, percussion, and abundance of vocals. Two drummers share a single set of drums, using only their hands, becoming a single entity. The Angelcy successfully integrates folk, blues, reggae, gospel and kleizmer music, creating a coherent mix that can be fittingly seasoned with a taste of Balkan, Acapella, classical music, folklore, progressive rock, multicultural folk songs, Western film scores, cabaret, and military march music. Their fascinating harmonic work emphasizes presentation and rhythm, maintaining the acoustic sound while all members of the ensemble join in, creating an open and heartfelt chorus. On the one hand, their work is meticulous and ambitious, with great attention to every detail, while on the other hand, they intentionally avoid editing or modification in their recordings to allow the essence of the analog truth in our polished digital world.

The Angelcy's ensemble musical intelligence which is larger than the sum of its parts, as well as the rich in connotation and context musical language, manifest in their debut album, Exit Inside, released in Israel in 2014 with three songs entering the prestigious Galgalatz radio playlist. The international release of this album in Europe the following year was given a warm welcome in the Indie scene with raving reviews and an extensive performance tour. The release of The Angelcy's second album is expected in the beginning of 2018.

The Angelcy is both an Israeli and global band, and it has been said that, "Although singing in English, their "Israeliness" trickles out." Being young and growing up in a conflicted complex country, their lyrics involve soldiers, bombs, war or masculinity, uncertainty and a search for identity, while their music lifts the soul and moves the body. The combination of politics and spirituality characterizes the New global "Israeliness" as they say, "We have been through the Israeli army service, traveled through India, and walked the Israel National Trail, wishing for peace and love, and an insight to the reason for our existence here. In the meantime, we gather together in a band so as not to be alone, venturing out to meet the audience in – Dimona, Metula, Modi'in, Be'er Sheva, Lithuania, Krakow, Germany, Jerusalem – sharing our songs that become their own."

Music critic Yossi Hersonski wrote, "The Angelcy's music seems to grow on you, reaching up and moving you, and while listening you delight in the sumptuous orchestration and tunes, befriending them, falling in love with them." Indeed, thousands have already fallen in love with this diligent Israeli agency of angels, captivated by their splendor and ingenuity, deeply moved by the charm of The Angelcy.

Rotem Bar-Or Guitar, Vocals
Maya Lee Roman Viola, Vocals
Uri Marom Clarinet, Flutes, Vocals
Udi Naor Drums, Vocals
Maayan Zimry Drums, Vocals
Soof Nikritin Double Bass, Vocals

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