Rom, Schaerer, Eberle

Beatbox Meets Jazz | canaan, Queen Of Sheba Hotel | Thursday 22.2 | 23:30 רכישת כרטיסים
תמונת נושא עבור Rom, Schaerer, Eberle

Lets begin from the end. The End Is Near is the title of a piece by this trio that is a collection of jazz closing phrases weaved together into one elaborate melody. Musicians' sense of humor may require some acclimation however the concept and performance of The End is Near convey a brilliant interaction of free, wild and crazy creativity and a profound musical knowledge. This extraordinary trio features Swiss vocalist Andreas Schaerer together with guitarist Peter Rom and trumpeter Martin Eberle, both from Austria. Vocals, guitar and trumpet is seemingly an unlikely ensemble, nevertheless there is a logic to that.  The harmonic quality of the guitar joins the melodic lineament of the trumpet while the vocal ability, producing almost every conceivable sound, completes this exceptional link.

Schaerer (41) who is also a composer, a former funk band guitarist and a professor of jazz at the Bern University of the Arts, owns a phenomenal and boundless vocal ability. He explores the wide range of techniques as a vocalist including, Sprechgesang, a style intermediate between speech and singing related to the operatic recitative of German "music dramas" of the late 19th century; Operatic reverberations; Sound imitations; Beatboxing, producing vocal rhythm and melody simultaneously; and Scat singing, a popular jazz vocal improvisation with wordless syllables creating the equivalent of an instrumental solo. Sometimes when he sings alongside the trumpet it is hard to discern between the instrument and the human voice. He can also speak to the audience and then gradually and precisely navigate from friendly chat to expressive Scat.

With a variety of sounds, vocals and techniques complemented by diverse compositional ideas, this trio connects the extreme, creating jazz that is both avant-garde and mainstream, impulsive and intellectual at the same time, meticulously planned yet unexpected, raging and invigorating yet orderly and disciplined. Performing together since 2009, their albums, Please Don't Feed the Model (2011) and At the Age of Six I Wanted to Be a Cook (2013,) received rave reviews promoting their concerts around the world. Bathing in compliments for their wit, imagination, stylistic richness, freshness and originality, this trio, once considered as a small sensation, became great and one of the leading ensembles of alternative jazz. The New York City Jazz Record website wrote, "One of the greatest Jazz singers in Europe (…), weave elements of Swing, African music, blues and even hip-­hop edges into an entirely unpredictable and engaging avant-­groove like nothing you've heard before".

Peter Rom Guitar
Andreas Schaerer Vocals
Martin Eberle Trumpet Flugelhorn

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