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Andreas Schaerer & Hildegard Lernt Fliegen

The Vocal Wizard with Flying Colors | Friday 21.2 | Isrotel Theater | 11:45 רכישת כרטיסים
תמונת נושא עבור Andreas Schaerer & Hildegard Lernt Fliegen

Swiss vocalist Andreas Schaerer can modify his human voice to produce almost every conceivable instrument. Schaerer (43) is a composer, a former punk guitarist, and a lecturer of jazz studies at the University of the Arts in Bern, a skilled and educated musician whose vocal ability is phenomenal and boundless. As a vocalist he explores a wide range of techniques including the sprechgesang style related to the 19th century operatic recitative expressionist manner on the fine line between singing and speaking, sound imitation, beat-boxing, and the vocal jazz improvisation with nonsense syllables or no words at all of scat singing. Sometimes when he sings alongside a musical instrument it is hard to distinguish between the sound of the instrument and his voice. He can also talk to his audience and gradually and skillfully flow from conversation mode to vocal jazz improvisation of scat syllables.

In 2018 winter Red Sea Jazz Festival, Schaerer appeared in Eilat with his trio, accompanied only by trumpet and guitar. This time he brings his esteemed sextet, Hildegard Learnt Fliegen (Hildegard Learns to Fly) launching the 2020 tour with the release of their new album, The Waves Are Rising, Dear! Schaerer and the band have been working together for over 15 years and are known for their energetic and unconventional stage performances. Time and again, they prove how earnestness and playfulness work well together and add an edge that makes every performance great. Many have defined Schaerer as a vocal acrobat, a creative artist and performer coordinating ingenuity, sense and wit with brilliant vocal mastery. The New York City Jazz Record monthly titles him, “one of the greatest Jazz singers in Europe.”

Andreas Schaerer – voice
Andreas Tschopp – trombone, tuba
Benedikt Reising – baritone/alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Christoph Steiner – drums, percussion, marimba
Marco Müller – double bass
Matthias Wenger – alto/soprano saxophone

Photo: Reto Andreoli

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