An American Music Legend in Action | Port Arena | Sunday 27.8 | 23:00 רכישת כרטיסים
תמונת נושא עבור Al McKay´s EARTH WIND & FIRE EXPERIENCE

Al McKay, the guitarist of Earth, Wind & Fire, gathered group of professional musicians from L.A., and together they bring to the stage the experience of one of the greatest bands in the history of American music. Established in 1969, EWF released 19 albums, won six Grammy awards out of 20 nominations, while redefining a sound that combines jazz, soul, R&B, Funk and rock to create innovative, original and spectacular upbeat music. EWF entered the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and is considered the first African-American with a sold out performance at the Madison Square Garden.

Al McKay was the icon of EWF, and a virtuoso guitarist with an original and extraordinary technique, songwriter and groove designer, producer of Boogie Wonderland and co-author of September. His career as a star guitarist began when he was 18, when Ike and Tina Turner, who were not really looking for a guitarist, invited him to play with them. This was after McKay impressed Ike with his guitar skills in the rehearsal room when he took Ike’s guitar and played it upside down, as he is left handed. Later, he worked with Sammy Davis Jr., who was enthusiastic about his demo with the wha-wah pedal, which at the time was a new and intriguing invention. McKay’s connection with Maurice White, the founder of EWF, was fruitful and creative. McKay improvised on the guitar while White wrote the lyrics, and together they created songs such as Sing a Song and Best of My Love. In late 1983, EWF took a long break and eventually disbanded.

In 1990, McKay decided to set up a band with some of the original EWF band members, as a tribute to the legacy of Earth, Wind & Fire. Leading musicians gathered around the EWF rhythm section, faithfully following the original scales and recreating the groove and feeling. It is an ensemble of live music at its best, real people, real instruments, featuring a tight and stimulating brass section, harmonic vocals and excellent singers, funky bass groove and inspiring and uplifting music. The same high standard of excellence, which created the original sound of Earth, wind & Fire, revives the age of soul and disco from the seventies. They appeared at every festival in the world, and in all the great and prestigious venues, turning every concert hall into a dance palace.

With a list of songs that are all hits, fans around the world are overwhelmed with joy and astonishment at this hands-on experience of the great days of Earth, Wind & Fire. Al McKay has formed the best Funk band performing on Earth today, a remarkable show not to be missed.

Al McKay Guitar
Timothy Owens, DeVere Duckett, Claude Woods Vocals
Omar Peralta, Luis Gonzalez Trumpet
Ed Wynne Sax
Stephen Baxter Trombone
David Leach Percussion
Anthony Beverly Drums
Benjamin Dowling, Dean Gant Keys
James Manning Bass


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