תמונת תיאור משלימה ללוגו

The Artistic director – Dubi Lenz

Dubi Lenz, artistic director of the Winter RSJF is a veteran radio persona and an internationally acclaimed world music expert. Director of the Galei Zahal music department for the last 15 years of his over forty years with this leading Israeli radio station, he is now broadcasting his show Galei Zahal radio station and on Hakatze Radio.

For this coming Winter RSJF, Lenz has carefully selected outstanding musical performances creating an especially unique composite combining various influences and styles, as well as leading worldwide jazz artists alongside Israeli accomplished musicians. This year’s Winter RSJF presents a wide range of quality local and international music ensembles featuring three days of a fascinating and uplifting musical experience.

A profound musical experience exploring the world while in Eilat that is the magic of this festival.
As I always say, come with an open mind and tuned ears since there is much to see and a lot to listen to.”

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